Inšpirácie 2006


Gabriela StuchláThere was a single question at the beginning of our project Inspirations 2006. Who is a successful woman? What is she like? How does she differ from her ambient and how can she inspire us?

We don’t appropriate a right to judge or make decisions about who is successful and who is not.

However, we would like to zoom in a destiny of women, whose life experience can be a valuable motion to think about and revaluate life attitudes and opinions about success in it.

Success and status of a modern woman has a lot of forms, whether it concerns a family, a work or a social status.

In every background she must solve tasks and problems, which are in different forms confrontation between a female and male view of the world and life.

Please, accept therefore our invitation to High Tatras to Štrbské Pleso from 11th – 12th November, 2006 and together with our guests try to find the answer to the question what is this special life essence, which motivates women to crush barriers and prejudices and helps them to fill their dreams, desires and resolutions.

I'm looking forward to meet you soon.

Gabriela Stuchlá
project co-ordinator