OCTOBER 4 - 5, 2021


Alin Schiopu

Head of Landfill Solutions and Deputy General Manager
Hofstetter Gastechnik AG



Best available technology: New product invented – how you can treat your landfill leachate with energy produced from your landfill gas.

BAT – možnosti spracovania priesakovej kvapaliny zo skládky s pomocou energie získanej zo skládkového plynu.

Key Words

Landfill, landfill leachate, landfill gas, smell reduction


Annotation • Why should this project be implemented (the partner country’s needs)?

In this moment in Europe are more than 1000 landfills and dumpsites were no solution for landfill gas or for landfill leachate was addressed and there is no financing available for this really big environmental problem.
Each dumpsite is polluting the air, the soil and the surface and underground waters continuously.
A solution for these dumpsites is not easy to be found as many of them does not have even electrical connection to be possible to install collection or treatment equipment’s or systems.

• What shall be achieved?

In order to stop pollution and to improve the environment conditions and the life and health of surrounding ecosystems and inhabitant’s, minimum the following 2 systems must be immediately installed:

By installing a leachate collection and treatment system the soil and underground water will not be polluted anymore and all environmental conditions will be improved.
By installing landfill gas collection and treatment/utilisation system the air quality will be improved, fires will be prevented, explosion and intoxications will be prevented.

• How shall the project be carried out ?

Having 2 major issues with landfill gas and landfill leachate we are proposing a very innovative and probably unique approach for a landfill/dumpsite. We are proposing to collect the landfill gas and use in a cogeneration engine to produce heat and energy. Energy will be used for supplying the landfill gas collection system and leachate treatment collection and treatment system. Only for starts we will use a small UPS or a gas bottle for few minutes up until the gas engine will start running.
The landfill gas and landfill leachate will be collected through the same gas well heads (called mixt gas wellheads) drilled or done with local contractors. In a gas well head we will install the typical perforated pipe to extract the landfill gas but also a pump for extraction and collection of landfill leachate.

Landfill gas will be extracted and conditioned (cleaned and filtrated by activated carbon) and then sent in gas engine which will produce energy.

Landfill leachate will be extracted and sent to leachate treatment plant which will use a combination of technologies:
– 2-3 steps of physical filtration (sand filter and cartridge filter)
– 1 step chemical treatment (pH adjustment)
– 1 reverse osmosis step (which will remove more than 99% of all harmful substances)

In this way landfill gas will be used, and leachate will be treated. Both measures will reduce significantly the environmental impact. The recovered clean water can be used locally for washing or irrigations.

Lecturer’s Profile

Alin Schiopu is an ISWA Waste Manager certified and with a vast experience in landfill gas, landfill leachate, water treatment, waste management, MBT evaluation and design environmental evaluations and all connected fields.
He is trained and certified in gas technologies, ATEX environment, membrane technologies, water treatment, gas treatment and many other fields.

Organization’s Profile

Hofstetter Gastechnik AG is one of the few companies who has experience and expertise in both landfill gas and landfill leachate. The employees of the company are having a long and extended experience in landfill gas solutions. Hofstetter invented in the early 1970 s the first concept of landfill degassing, it was a landfill gas flare capable of collecting and burning the landfill gas.
And since than Hofstetter produced and delivered more than 2000 degassing plants worldwide.
Also in landfill leachate, company Hofstetter was a p[pioneer and was designing and producing one of the first landfill leachate treatment plants in Switzerland and in Europe.
And since then many landfills implemented leachate treatment facilities, many of them under the supervision and consultancy of Hofstetter.