12th international experts’ conference




OCTOBER 3 – 4, 2022


Dr. Stefano Lillia

Portfolio manager Green Gas Technologies
Pietro Fiorentini spa



Technologies and solutions around Biogas Valorisation.

Technológie a riešenia v oblasti zhodnocovania bioplynu.

Key Words

Biomethane, Bio-LNG, Bio-Methanation, Hydrogen, Carbon footprint.


The European Union put the Ecologic Transition at the centre of their policies targeting the ambitious goal to achieve the carbon neutrality in 2050. On the wave of this target, the increment of the renewable energy production and the circular economy will be 2 of the main drivers during the transition.

Based on this premise, the waste valorisation in the direction of biomethane and bio-LNG production is a virtuous supply chain that combine both the circular economy and the renewable gas production with grate sustainability performances in terms of carbon footprint also reducing the energy dependency of the European countries from import.

Today European Union is asking the ambitious effort to all the players involved in this market to increase the biomethane production up to 30-35 billion cubic meters per year in 2030 starting from the actual production of 3-3.5 blcm. On this purpose, the technologies and the solutions around the biogas valorisation will be crucial to enable the larger amount of player in the larger number of contexts to achieve the economic sustainability of the business case.

The presentation will address our vision around the biogas valorisation showing the different ways for the biomethane production aiming to produce it both at the lower cost and with the lower environmental impact. Starting with an overall description of the carbon footprint of the different pathway to produce biomethane, the focus will move on the different technology solutions of biomethane production exploiting the gas grid injection, the bio-LNG valorisation, CO2 valorisation, and green Hydrogen production. 

Lecturer’s Profile

PhD in Energy Science and Technology about chemical processes applied in the energy sector, today I am working on the development of new business models and value chains in green gas sector scouting and selecting new technology solutions for portfolio improvement and expansion.

Passioned in all the topic regarding the energy conversion, circular economy and environmental sustainability, my ambition is to push the technological innovation to enable new pathways towards the ecologic transition.

Organization’s Profile

Pietro Fiorentini spa is a multinational Italian company with more than 80 years of successful activity developing complete products, solutions, and services for the energy sector.

The history of Pietro Fiorentini represents an Italian success story about a company that was able to conquer the world since 1940, when the company was established, with constant growth that today makes us a Group with over 2,400 employees spread across more than 30 international locations, with a strategic commercial presence in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience across the entire natural gas supply chain, by providing especially components, plants and process packages. Our Group has recently expanded its horizons and invested great resources in the development of technologies for a sustainable, digital word – paying specific attention to renewable energy projects.

Our ambition is to become a leading company in the transition towards cleaner energy sources and greater responsibility regarding economic, social and environmental sustainability.