OCTOBER 4 - 5, 2021


Jarno Stet

Waste and Recycling Manager
Westminster City Council



How not to waste energy from Waste-to-Energy facilities:
Overcoming challenges around EFW energy infrastructure

Ako neplytvať energiou zo zariadení na energetické využitie odpadov (ZEVO):
Prekonávanie problémov týkajúcich sa energetickej infraštruktúry ZEVO.

Key Words

Energy use from energy from waste facilities in London; newly constructed as well as retrofitted to existing plants


  • Challenges around heat supply and current outlook
  • Electrification of WCC collection fleet – replacing diesel so CO2 benefit despite electricity grid decarbonisation
  • Closed loop waste management solution from a London perspective
  • Analysing the challenges for EFW energy use from a London perspective
  • Issues around heat quality from EFW plants
  • Domestic heat
  • Efficiency and supply flexibility of ERF
  • Industrial heat

Lecturer’s Profile

Jarno is a member of the United Kingdom’s Chartered Institute of Waste Management and a specialist in local authority waste management. He holds a double degree in Facilities Management and has over 17 years’ experience in resource and waste management.

As Waste and Recycling Manager for Westminster City Council he looks after its waste management provisions that provide services to a resident population of 250,000, 34,000 businesses as well as 1 million daily visitors, commuters and tourists.

Jarno is current Secretary of the National Association of Waste Disposal Officers (NAWDO). NAWDO is the primary network for senior local authority waste managers with statutory responsibilities for waste disposal. It represents the interests of the client side of waste management for waste disposal authorities.

Organization’s Profile

Westminster City Council is the local authority serving the heart of London. The City of Westminster stretches from Pimlico and Victoria in the south through the West End, Marylebone and Bayswater to Paddington and Queen’s Park in the north-west. It includes the capital’s principal areas of government, shopping, entertainment and tourism and the headquarters of innumerable commercial and professional organisations together with extensive residential areas of all types.

The resident population now stands at approximately 255,000 but it is estimated that about 1 million people set foot in Westminster at some time during the day. There are also tens of thousands of people who live in the City for short-periods or on a part-time basis who are not included in the resident population.

The City Council employs about 4,800 staff who work flexibly over a large number of locations, almost all of them within the city boundaries.

Westminster City Council employs 700 waste management staff which on a 24/7/365 basis collect 200,000 tonnes of waste and recycling each year, sweep and flush 10,000km of streets every week, remove 22km2 of graffiti and flyposting and clear up around 700 tonnes of litter after major events.