OCTOBER 4 - 5, 2021


Martin Smit

Corporate project manager
Indaver nv



Advanced Waste Treatment Infrastructure – Strategy, Activities, Asset Development.
Case Stories and Insights From a European Waste Operator.

Pokročilá infraštruktúra na spracovanie odpadov: Stratégia, činnosti, prínos a rozvoj aktív.
Prípadové štúdie a postrehy európskeho prevádzkovateľa zariadení na spracovanie odpadov

Key Words

Impact of circular economy ambitions.


Martin Smit will elaborate on the impact of circular economy ambtions on the overall strategy, activities and assets of a well- known European waste company. He will give insights on choices made recently and the consideration that will be given towards future investments and growth activities.

Lecturer’s Profile

Martin Smit has extensive experience within the utility sector and in recent years more specifically the waste indsutry. After having worked for ABN AMRO Bank in the business sector and acting as a consultant / interim manager for about 10 years he joined a Dutch multi-utility company active in Energy, Waste and Mutlimedia. In a lengthy period he fullfilled several positions among which financial director, head of Strategy and M&A. At the time of the sale of Indaver from this multi- utility company to Katoen Natie he was acting as member of the Supervisory board of Indaver. After the sale he started as Corporate project manager in the Municipal Solid Waste Market section of the company. As direct report the CEO he develops significant projects for the group (either greenfield or through acquisition).

He was leading the project team in the public procurement process fo an EfW facility in Aberdeen Scotland (Project Ness) where they signed an agreement of over 200 MGBP in 2019 for the operations of newly build EfW project. The facility is currently under construction; led by the Spanish infrstructure player ACCIONA. Recently he has been active in developing a greenfield project in Essex UK (Rivenhall Integrated Waste management facility and Energy Centre) for which Indaver recently started the construction process. It will be Indaver’s first EFW facilty in the UK and is scheduled to treat 595,000 tons of waste per annum. Martin is a non-executive board member for both the Aberdeen project as the Rivenhall facility.

Organization’s Profile

Indaver offers high-quality, sustainable and cost-efficient Total Waste Management solutions to large scale industry and public authorities. For each type of waste we offer a tailored solution thanks to our 25 years of expertise and our wide range of inhouse facilities and processing possibilities with third parties. Through improved recycling and maximum recovery of energy and valuable components from waste, Indaver intends to keep leading the field in sustainable waste management.

Over the years Indaver has become an international player in Europe, with facilities and operations in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Portugal.